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Tribal textiles and jewelry from The Red Camel

I have a great selection of tribal textiles in stock right now: embroidered saye gosha, woolly camel tassels, black silk Turkoman tassels, beaded Kuchi tassels, Banjara skirts and lots MORE. Visit the web site listed below to see what's in stock. There's also more that's not listed right now... if you're looking for something and you don't see it just ask!

The Red Camel offers a distinctive array of jewelry, textiles and tribal dance items for the tribal dancer. Standard items such as Kuchi chokers and necklaces, cuff bracelets, Indian mirror work textiles, Kuchi earrings, loose coins, Kuchi belts and pendants are always in stock as well as items that are harder to find, such as silk Turkoman tassels, waziri earrings, Moroccan and Yemeni jewelry items, Uzbek textile items and much, much MORE.

Visit the website today to find out what’s waiting for you!

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